Who We Are at Tovla & Co.

Tovla & Co. is a fiercely innovative manufacturing company selling a wide array of smart-solution kitchen storage, organizer and kid-friendly kitchen products. A family owned business run by women, Tovla evolved as a business idea after the owners found a dearth of smart and practical kitchen storage and utensil solutions in even very popular and heavily inundated marketplaces like Amazon.

Tovla’s entrepreneurial women founders understood that storage and food organization played a critical role in how well a family planned,cooked, ate, stored and managed its food waste.

Since its inception, Tovla’s almost entire product line has received a rousing response, with many customers going out of their way to express their gratitude towards Tovla, its products’ and our intent to simply make life easier in the kitchen. It is no surprise that Tovla’s ever-expanding product line continues to receive near perfect reviews, even in a brutally competitive, highly buyer-centric marketplace such as Amazon.

Our Product Philosophy

Leaking food containers, containers with lids that one can never find, impractically sized containers and common kitchen utensils that are completely unsafe for kids are all typical problems that exist in almost every kitchen. Despite being so commonplace, these problems have never been addressed, even by multi-billion dollar brands.

Tovla & Co. bridges that gap in the marketplace, providing simple, innovative but ingenious products that have a profound impact on how food is prepped, stored, organized and consumed by all members of a family.

All of Tovla’s products are designed with convenience, health and safety as primary priorities. This is why all of Tovla’s storage, organizer and utensil product line feature build materials that are BPA Free, dishwasher safe and also microwave safe.

Our Mission

Whether you are a busy mom packing everyday school lunches in a bustling kitchen or are a young professional looking to organize your carefully prepared meal plan meals, Tovla & Co., through its innovative product line, would love to make the time you spend in your kitchen easier and simply a more rewarding experience.

Being able to provide that simple but important value add is why we came to exist, why we thrive and why will continue to grow in the future.